Document Destruction services

Banker Box 16x12x10 & approx. 35-40 lbs.

As low as $8 per banker, no appointment necessary

Bin Service

Shred Bin = 40 Gallon / 30″ x 27″ x 25″

There are no fees associated with the 200 lb. capacity (40-gallon / 30″ x 27″ x 25″) bins we provide. Keep them as long as you like and when full, call or email us, or use our bin swap form. We will be there promptly for pick up, or replacement. Our bins have slotted lids secured with numbered ties and may be locked with your own lock. The cost for pickup and destruction is $75 per bin or about 37 cents per pound. We also offer other sized bins and secure cabinets to accommodate your requirements.

Pick Up Service

We pick up your boxes and destroy the records at our Berkeley, CA facility. A signed two-part Certificate of Destruction is provided, with a pickup and completion document. This verifies that we have assumed responsibility for your materials, and that they have been securely transferred and destroyed. There is a  ($85.00) minimum for our pick up service.

Walk-in Service

To save money, bring your documents to our walk-in shredding center at 1461 Eastshore Hwy. in Berkeley. Bring them in, watch them be  securely destroyed right in front of you, then pay at the register and you are done. 

$8.00 per banker’s box full of documents, 

Destruction certification is available by request.