Paper Shredder GearsScheduled regular maintenance is the best means of maintaining the correct working order, and long term value of any type of mechanical equipment.

Automatic Response provides scheduled maintenance as well as equipment warranty renewals, all as part of an annual maintenance agreement for paper shredders. The agreement is covered by a one-time annual fee, and includes all labor, travel, minor parts, and remedial repairs required to maintain the proper working order of your machinery.

For paper shredders, this service means cleaning the cutter chambers, and removing all compacted shredded material. We also clean the motor and electrical system to eliminate the possibility of dust contaminating the electrical relays, circuit boards, or switches. All gears and chains are cleaned and re-greased to eliminate binding, rust , or dragging on the drive system. Cabinet doors are inspected, and hinges repaired, adjusted, or replaced where required so the cabinet opens and closes without excess wear, and so that door open and close switches contact correctly. The machine is then given a thorough test, and an advisement is made as to the general condition of the machine, and the long term wear and condition of the shredder’s cutters.

Our maintenance contract also renews our warranty for equipment, wherein we guarantee all equipment to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year, unless otherwise specifically stated, and agree to repair any of our work or equipment at no charge to the customer, during the warranty period, for labor, supplies, replacement items, or travel required to return the guaranteed equipment to correct and proper working order. At the company’s discretion, it may elect to replace any or all of our work, if by so doing, the company is able to achieve a better and more reliable equipment system than can be accomplished by repairing the original items. The company specifically excludes from its warranty any damage to equipment or equipment systems occasioned by the improper or unauthorized use of the equipment. The company also specifically excludes damage to the equipment by third parties.


Scheduled maintenance of a disintegrator means knife change and sharpening service. Each knife of the set is removed and replaced with a sharpened knife, and then the set is calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications. The dull knives are sharpened to spec. and made ready for the next replacement visit. A full machine maintenance is also preformed, cleaning, adjusting, and performing any minor remedial repairs that may be required due to normal operation.

Knives should be changed when dull, which is apparent by the amount of dust created in the operation of the disintegrator. More dust and less operating efficiency indicate dull knives.